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Contest Environment


  • (July, 6) - The keyboard layout is posted.
  • (June, 22) - Eclipse CDT will also be available as an IDE.


The contest environment for IOI 2011 will follow mostly the last year settings.

For each task, contestants will implement subroutines as described in the task to meet the requirement. Their implementation will be graded with the grader program provided by the IOI. The initial implementation that includes a skeleton of all required subroutines will be provided.

As in 2010, the RunC tool will be used to facilitate program development and testing of the contestants.

Programming environment

More specifically, the contestant machine will run on Ubuntu 10.10 with the following list of software:

  • Compilers: gcc >= 4.4, g++ >= 4.4, Free Pascal >= 2.4 with documentation;
  • Editors: mcedit, joe, vim, kate, kwrite, kdevelop, emacs, xemacs, xwpe, lazarus, gedit, nano, scite, codeblocks, geany, eclipse-cdt;
  • Debuggers: gdb, ddd
  • Programming tool: RunC
We will use a tool called RunC from IOI 2010 as a main tool for program development. It integrates with gedit, and can also be called via command lines. Again, as in IOI 2010, the use of RunC is not mandatory.

Practicing with the environment

A virtualbox appliance for the contest environment is available (download size 1.8 GB). It may be faster to follow instructions below to install the software yourself. The sample tasks are available here.

There will be an on-line practice session before the IOI; the date and time will be announced to the ioi mailing list.

It is also possible to install a similar environment on your machine or on a virtualization system such as VirtualBox or VMware. If you want to install all compilers, editors, and documentations on Ubuntu, follow the instructions below.

First, install Ubuntu 10.10 on your machine or on your virtual machine. After you log in into the system, open the terminal (menu Accessories -> Terminal) and type

    wget http://ioi2011.or.th/hsc/install-ioi2011.sh
    sh install-ioi2011.sh
to install compilers and editors (except Eclipse). It will ask for your password, and will take some time. After it is done, a few icons will appear on your desktop. (Note: the script has been updated to include konsole so that Kate's terminal plugin works. Thanks Егор Суворов for reporting.)

If you want to use Eclipse, please type:

    sudo apt-get install eclipse-cdt

If you do not want all compilers and editors, here is a list of apt-get commands so that you can choose to install what you need.

To install the RunC environment, follow the last year instructions. If you want to install the RunC with gedit plugin, type:

    wget -N http://plg1.uwaterloo.ca/~gvcormac/RunC-IOI/RunC-latest.sh
    sh RunC-latest.sh
    sudo ln -s ~/.RunC/runc /usr/bin
If you want a command-line-only version, type:
    wget -N http://plg1.uwaterloo.ca/~gvcormac/RunC-IOI/RunCcmd-latest.sh
    sh RunCcmd-latest.sh
    sudo ln -s ~/.RunC/runc /usr/bin
Please see an overview of the environment that includes instructions on how to use RunC, and a nice tutorial on RunC from IOI 2010.

Hardware settings

The contest machines will run on an Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93 GHz processors or better with 4GB of memory.

The following is the keyboard layout. The machines only support USB keyboards.

Contacting the Host Scientific Committee

If you have comments or problems with the environment, please send e-mail to hsc@ioi2011.or.th