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IOI TV Program

      Pattaya offers many kinds of shopping. You can imagine it is from bustling open-air markets that sell food and non-food items, noisy night markets, street stalls/vendors and local shops to western style department stores, supermarkets and upmarket specialist shops. Although many of the shops are small, some open-air without air-conditioning, there are plenty of shops and services available in Pattaya and they all welcome bargaining. While department stores, supermarkets and malls hold a lot of product items but bargaining is not allowed. Most shops usually open late morning and close late at night. Department stores, supermarkets and malls tend to open earlier. Shopping in Pattaya area can be very different from shopping in your country.

Central Festival Pattaya Beach

      Central Department Store is the most famous mall in Thailand. As part of Central…Love the Earth incentive campaigns, the store launched three versions of reusable, stylishly eco-friendly cloth shopping bag to encourage customers to “Help Us Help The World”, reuse, recycle and reduce. Then Central will did our part, donate to charity one million Baht of proceeds from the sale of the latest, limited edition tote version: The Central… Love the Earth by Arainna Coroli cloth bag features a floral print design created exclusively for its customers by this celebrated Italian artist. Only five thousand copies of this unique tote were produced. open daily 11.00 a.m. - 11.00 p.m. everyday. Central Festival Pattaya Beach is located on 40 km from Chonburi – Pattaya Telephone number: 038 930 999

Mike Shopping Mall

      The Best Shopping Center In Pattaya Mike Shopping Mall is the best shopping location in the heart of the city.
open daily from 11.00 A.M. until 23.00 P.M. There are over 200 brand name shop with the best price. Mike Shopping Mall is absolutely the shopper’s Paradise for all tourists and local people here. And the price for foreigners, tourists and Thai is same! Mike Shopping Mall is located on Pattaya second road. The address is: 262 M.10 Second Road,South Pattaya, Chonburi 20260 Thailand Please feel free to call us at anytime at the telephone number: 038 412 000 - 9 and the fax number is: 038 412 036

Nong Mon Market

      Nong Mon has gained popularity over the years. The Market is the largest local products market and the most visited local market of Chonburi. On both side of the road are more than a hundred stalls selling dry seafood, desserts, fruits, and preserved food. Most tourists stop by this market to buy dry seafood and famous desserts of the province before returning home. Famous products of Chonburi are Khao Larm (sweet rice in bamboo pipe), Khanom Chak (sweet coconut wrapped in palm leaf), or Khanom Mo Kaeng (baked bean with egg custard). Also there are delicious fresh fruit like jackfruit and pineapple, and preserved seafood by sweetening, pickling, and sun drying. If traveling from Bangkok, along Sukhumvit Road after passing Chonburi Town and before reaching Siracha district, you will find a number of shops and food stalls lining along both sides of the road. That is Nong Mon Market.